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Mustermann, Max




Pitch your science Pitch your science <div class="ExternalClass13DD8625D85A4AAABB7CFB47ED325507"><p>​The question “what do you do?” seems so simple, but scientists often find it hard to answer. How can you explain what you are working on without boring the other and start an engaging conversation?<br><br>During this interactive talk, you’ll learn how to present your research briefly and comprehensibly to different target audiences.</p><ul><li><p class="rs-rteElement-absatz">Who is your audience? And, what could possibly interest them?</p></li></ul><ul><li><p class="rs-rteElement-absatz">How to engage your audience?</p></li></ul><ul><li><p class="rs-rteElement-absatz">How to craft your research-pitch?</p></li></ul><ul><li><p class="rs-rteElement-absatz">How to present your pitch?</p></li></ul><ul><li><p class="rs-rteElement-absatz">Get feedback on your pitch from your peers</p></li></ul><p class="rs-rteElement-absatz"><strong>Please note: In case of cancellation of the event from the day of last admission onward (3 weeks before the day of the event), participants from DFG projects will have to pay the full participation fee. The costs for the talk range between 50€ and 270€ per person, depending on the number of participants. The costs can be covered by the equal opportunity funds of the DFG projects. Please register to the workshop after approval from your coordinator/supervisor in your DFG project. </strong></p></div>GP0|#6af0a048-a14e-4e7b-b969-b46606e2beec;L0|#06af0a048-a14e-4e7b-b969-b46606e2beec|Beschäftigte;GTSet|#1dab4c78-a1c2-4d3c-b7b2-9b24a7de44d2This talk is aimed at female scientists (female PhD students, postdocs and group leaders) in DFG-funded projects participating in Gender Consulting. This talk is especially open to participants from DFG projects being part of RUB Gender Consulting. They will be given priority when registrating. You are also welcome to register if you do not belong to a DFG funded project (participating in Gender Consulting) but fit the target group of the talk. In case of a not fully booked talk, you will be considered and can participate in the event. OnlineBodewits, Karin0645.1.2024



Interactive Online-TalkInteractive Online-Talk2024-01-18T11:00:00Z2024-01-18T12:30:00Z<div class="ExternalClassE8ADF008CB2340B2AB31E04E7C86F9C1"><p>​Zoom</p></div>2024-01-02T00:00:00
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