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Mustermann, Max




Navigating Conflicts Constructively In Your Career – Keys To Effective Gender-Based Communication<div class="ExternalClass71BFBC2803404588AA24E596500992C8"><p><span style="letter-spacing:0.02em;">Workshop: Facilitator input, small group work, introspection, sharing experience Coaching:  Process-oriented approach (based on the work of Amy and Arnold Mindell)  </span></p><br></div><div class="ExternalClass8ACE77D69E1C4C1386470699EAD05C6B"><p></p><p class="rs-rteElement-absatz"><strong>Day 1 Workshop</strong>: · </p><ul><li>Increasing awareness and practical application of the distinct communication styles; how they differ, how to spot them and how to use both. <br></li><li>The anatomy of conflict, the stages of escalation and some strategies for resolution </li><li>Increasing awareness and understanding of the differences in power dynamics, and how best to navigate them; strategies for various situations and groups of different composition, how to defend against challenges. </li><li> Introduction to Success Teams and their application; basic toolbox; goal setting using the SMART principle for power and motivation </li></ul><p></p><p>You will receive a short questionnaire three weeks before the workshop so as to enable me to tailor it to your specific requirements and matters. </p></div><p class="rs-rteElement-absatz"><strong>Day 2 Workshop</strong>: Follow-up day to reinforce, strengthen and practice further practice, assess experience post 1st day workshop, and discuss the progress of the success team projects. </p><p class="rs-rteElement-absatz"><strong>Individual Coachings: </strong>The two-day workshop will be followed by an optional maximum of six one-to-one coaching sessions of 60 minutes each. The aim of the personal coaching is to support you in addressing your individual issues.<br></p>GP0|#dc5e9a4e-97e3-4f95-a3f9-a9668dadbe77;L0|#0dc5e9a4e-97e3-4f95-a3f9-a9668dadbe77|Wissenschaftsmanagement;GTSet|#1dab4c78-a1c2-4d3c-b7b2-9b24a7de44d2Female doctoral candidates, postdocs and (future) group leaders of DFG funded projects that are part of Gender Consulting at RUB. [*] This training is especially open to participants from DFG funded projects who are part of Gender Consulting at RUB. You will be given priority when participation places are allocated. If you do not belong to a DFG funded project (which is part of Gender Consulting) and fit the target group, you are also welcome to register. If participation places are available, you will be considered and may join the training.OnlineBoden, Betty13.0000000000000516.1.2023



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